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November's  Announcement



Prayer Warriors

The Prayer Warriors meet every Saturday at 9:30 a.m.  Make the commitment to be a part of prayer - it's easy, start with one Saturday per month.  Your life will be blessed


Financial Contributions

If you are planning to be away during the summer months, remember to leave your contribution or present your gift upon your return.  During your absence the expenses of the church continue, and your consistent support is needed to make the ministry of the church possible.  Thank you for caring enough to share. Have a safe and restful vacation.


If you are using an offering envelope, please use your full name and not initials so that you may receive full credit for your gift.  Also indicate the amount of your gift on the envelope.  


Parking Lot Safety

Make sure to lock your car and put valuables out of sight when attending worship or ministry meetings.  Report any suspicious activity to one of the safety and security personnel immediately.  Be wise and be safe.



To ensure that all bills and requisitions are paid on time, ministry leaders and special day chairs are required to submit all requisitions 2 weeks in advance prior to the event or request for services.  Thank you for your help in this matter.  Trustee Ministry 



Address Change 

If you have recently moved or changed your telephone number, please contact the church secretary (651-227-4444) so that the membership roster can be updated.  If you have changed your email address, please email your information to  Please do not call the office with your email address changes.