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August's  News


Deacons for the month of August
The Deacon and Deaconess for the month of August are Sister Mattie Silas (651-688-2904) and Brother Harry McClain (651-269-1441). If you need assistance, please contact the deacons of the month. 


August Worship Schedule
During August one worship service will take place at Mt. Olivet. Sunday school will start at 8:30 A.M. and worship will begin at 9:45 A.M. This schedule will continue through September 3rd. Please make this change to your calendar and plan to be present. 


Wednesday Activities
All Wednesday activities are cancelled beginning August 15th. Please watch the bulletin for when Wednesday activities will resume.


Food Shelf Collections
The Food Shelf Ministry will collect can goods on Sunday, August 19th. Please remember that items should not be dented, rusted or expired. To make sure your gift is received please leave it in the bins placed in the Atrium. Thank you sharing.  


We Are Better Together Concert
The Minnesota State Baptist Convention will host its annual musical on August 19th at Shiloh Temple International Ministries (1201 W. Broadway Ave, MPLS). Worship will start at 4:00 p.m. This concert is a prelude to hosting the National Baptist Convention and will replace the annual session of the Minnesota State Baptist Convention.   


Save The Date For Revival
Revival is approaching and all members and friends are encouraged to save the date. Revival starts with the week of prayer on September 4th. Revival services will begin September 10th, at 6:50 p.m. Dr. Elliot Cuff, Pastor of the Lincoln Heights Baptist Church in Woodlawn, OH will be our guest for the week.


30 Days of Fasting
Prayer is the foundation of every revival. In preparation for revival, please join us for a 30-day fast during the month of September. The suggested start time is 6:00 A.M. and the end time is 6:00 P.M. If this time is not convenient for you, please feel free to use the schedule that works best for you. Fasting can involve more than food and water. Fasting (abstaining from) may involve anything that challenges our hearts love and loyalty to God. Pray about it, commit yourself and then 




Ministry Day 2018
Ministry Day 2018 will be celebrated on Sunday, September 23rd. All ministry leaders should prepare to be a part of this celebration. Please watch the bulletin for more details. Brother Percy Hughes, and Sister Christina Huerta are providing leadership for this celebration. Thank you for your cooperation. 


National Baptist Convention
The Mt. Olivet Church will host several functions sponsored by the Laymen’s Division of the National Baptist Convention. To host these functions, unnecessary items that do not belong in Fellowship Hall will be removed on Saturday, August 25th. To avoid having anything accidently hauled away, ministries should check beneath the stage area and remove anything that is being stored there. If there are questions, please check with Sister Trudy Buford.  


JASA Fall Retreat


The Women's Fall Retreat will be held at the Lake Wapogasset Bible Camp in Amery, Wisconsin from Friday Evening to Sunday Morning, 10/12 - 10/14/18.  


    Registration begins TODAY, Sunday August 5th. 


W2018 Total Retreat Costs:                                       




       Full Weekend         $110.00                     


       Partial Weekend      $95.00                         


       Day Only                  $55.00                         




The cost for overnight is based on "three to a room" and this is a per person rate. If you need single or double occupancy there is an additional charge.




Because we are required to provide the Retreat Center with a deposit and adhere to their requirements for minimum participation the following refund policy will apply to all participants.




Refund Policy:


·      Registration Fee of $20 is non-refundable.


·      Fee’s paid with the exception of the Registration Fee are refundable through September 16th.


·      As of September 17, 2018, NO payments/fees are refundable.  Monies paid can be transferred to other women who have NOT previously registered for the Fall Retreat.


 Please stop by the MEDIA room following morning service to start making your payments. Final payments are due no later than September 25th.








Volunteers Needed
For the second year Mt. Olivet Baptist Church is partnering with Second Harvest Hartland, to help feed those in need by providing Free fresh produce throughout the summer. We can’t do it alone. We need volunteers to distribute produce on the second and fourth Saturday through October. If you are looking for a way to serve and be of service to the community, please contact Loretta Bush at 651-395-1163 or email 


Summer Worship Attire
Please feel free to come for worship dressed in comfortable summer outfits that are appropriate for worship. Always remember that "come as you are" is not a statement that applies to how we look - it applies to the state of our souls. Let us honor the Lord and the Lord's house in our choice of attire! Please remember that with the addition of the ceiling fans, the sanctuary is cooler.


Financial Contributions 
If you are planning to be away during the summer months please remember to leave your contribution or present your gift upon your return. During your absence the expenses of the church continue, and your consistent support is needed to make the ministry of the church possible. Thank you for caring enough to share. Have a safe and restful vacation.


Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance cameras are in the youth area, kitchen, entry ways, and hallways throughout the church. As a worship community we strive to maintain an atmosphere of vigilance in honor of the words of Jesus who said: "Watch and Pray." When in the areas indicated above please be mindful that activities are being recorded.


Revival Prayer Week is rapidly approaching, and we would like to usher in the Holy Spirit with Prayer, Praise, Song and Dance!  Prayer week is Tuesday, September 4 thru Friday September 7, 2018. Prayer service is 1 hour long and begins at 6:50 PM each night. The co-chairs of the 2018 Revival Committee would like to meet with the ministry leaders of the ministries listed below for a brief 10-minute meeting immediately following Sunday worship service on Sunday August 19th.


Deacons, Deaconess, Trustees, Mission and Shelter Ministries


Men’s, Women’s, Telephone, Youth Ministries


Sunday School, Kitchen, Library, Greeters and Ushers Ministries


Prayer Warriors, First Aide, Food Shelf, Prison, Grief and Loss, Evangelism, Mass Choir/Music Ministries.


Please meet with us in the overflow section of the sanctuary today after morning worship.

  Revival Prayer Week

       Revival is rapidly approaching, and we would like to usher in the Holy Spirit with Prayer, Praise, Song and Dance! Prayer week is Tuesday, September 4 thru Friday September 7 2018. Prayer service is 1 hour long and begins at 6:50 PM each night. A representative from each ministry will lead prayer at the designated time during the Prayer Service:


Tuesday—Deacons, Deaconess, Trustees, Mission and Shelter Ministries


Song from Jamela Pettiford


Wednesday—Men’s, Women’s, Telephone, Youth Ministries


Song from Marietta Johnson


Thursday—Sunday School, Kitchen, Library, Greeters and Ushers Ministries


Adult Praise Dancers


Friday—Prayer Warriors, First Aide, Food Shelf, Prison, Grief and Loss, Evangelism, Mass Choir/Music Ministries.


Piano Selection from Caleb Nesbitt




Please join us during Prayer Week to usher in a Revival!




Come join us in the spirit of revival. Revival begins with regular worship on September 9th at 8:00 AM and 10:45 AM services and continues Monday evening through Wednesday evening beginning at 6:50 PM nightly. Our Guest evangelist will be Rev. Dr. Elliot Cuff of Woodlawn Ohio.




For an updated list of activities, meetings, and events for the Youth Ministries, please click here.