The History of Mt. Olivet

Mount Olivet Baptist Church of Saint Paul, Minnesota was founded on March 1, 1922, with services for the 127 charter members held in the home of Reverend T.J. Carr at 499 Saint Anthony Avenue in Saint Paul.


At that time, the church was named Saint Paul Independent Baptist Church. It was later changed to Mount Olivet Baptist Church.Since its inception, many members have been added.


There is a great range and depth of the church’s contribution to the spiritual, social, cultural, and economical strength of the community. The congregation is comprised of people from all over the country, many of which have their roots imbedded in the South.


Without any doubt, God has used many people to contribute to its creation and greatness. It is impossible to capture within these few lines the many blessings, successes, fears, doubts, trials, tribulations and hopes that are embodied in our history. The following chronology stands as a record of the contribution of its members to Mount Olivet’s growth, achievement and vitality.