Christian Education Ministries

Sunday School

Mission Statement
"To share the knowledge of God’s uncompromising word and to challenge people to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus."

We encourage each member to attend Church School, It is vital for our church growth. A dying Sunday school is an indication of a dying Church.


New Members

Mission Statement
“Our mission is to provide basic instruction to new members as to what we believe and adhere to at the Mount Olivet Missionary Baptist Church based upon spiritual principles conveyed in the word of God.”



• We teach new members about salvation, which is facilitated by 

  grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

• We teach new members about stewardship of time, talent, 

   testimony and treasure.

• We teach new members about the person and work of the

   Holy Soirit.

• We teach new members basic instructions on building 

  confidence in and understanding the Bible. 




Vacation Bible School

Mission Statement
Info coming soon


Info coming soon


 8:00 am  Morning Worship  

 9:30 am  Sunday School

10:45 am  Morning Worship



7:00 pm  Bible Study